Organizing all kinds of business gatherings and all kinds of celebrations

Organizing business gatherings


Organizing all kinds of celebrations

If you are looking for the perfect venue for celebrating birthdays, baptisms, or wedding – you’ve come to the right place. In the most exclusive venue in Sumadija, we will host your celebration according to your special requests. Having your event organized by our event team guarantees that you will find everything you wanted, that you will accomplish everything you thought of, and that, together, we will host a celebration according to your needs.
Our planners take care of you from day one, and put their experience to function: they can help with any aspect of hosting, provide you with the best associates, or help you put everything you want into action by yourselves. Our professional staff will follow your requests step by step:
- venue decoration
- honoring and performing the requested tasks and customs
- menu
- fireworks

In terms of additional celebration services, we also offer:

- A play room for children

Complete adjustment of the ambiance according to children’s needs. The restaurant organizes a play room which can have: a castle, a trampoline, a slide, and other equipment needed for animating the children. Hiring an entertainer and hiring professional babysitters.

Children will always be under watchful eye of the people caring for them, so the parents can be fully relaxed.

- Hiring limos and carriages

- Hiring photographers/videographers

- Hiring a band, as well as music guests from Zvezde Granda

- Additional services

- Room service
- Ironing and laundry service
- Free Wi-Fi
- Free parking space
- Pack lunch
- Transportation service from/to the airport
- Luggage storage